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Communion and Confirmation 2021

Last years 5th and 6th Class received their Confirmation on November 3rd.Here the 6th Class girls are pictured after the ceremony, Well done all!

Our wonderful 3rd class pupils finally received their Communion in September this year



Internet Safety Day 2021

Check out some of 5th and 6th class’ experience on the day:

Internet safety talk.

On Tuesday we learned about how dangerous the internet actually is.

Ger Brick, the person giving the presentation, first showed us a video about a boy being bullied and cyberbullied. He had no one to talk to. A boy named Robert was the only one not bullying him but Robert was a bystander and did nothing to help.

Then Ger Brick wanted to know what apps and games we used.

After that he asked us how much we knew about David Walliams. We found out that we only knew the stuff he wanted us to know.

Then he told us when we download a game and it asks you to give location we should think and ask does this really need my location and 99.9% of the time they don’t need to. He then showed us how much information google has on you because he looked up where he was on

Christmas eve 2019 and it knew everywhere, he went.

Finally, he told us about how we should change our password at least 3 times a year so there is less of a chance of getting hacked. Mr O’Sullivan then had a question for us, “What does a toothbrush and a password have in common?” The answer was, you should change them a few times a year. You shouldn’t give your toothbrush to anyone and you shouldn’t give your password to anyone. I learned quite a lot.

By Shane

Internet Safety

Yesterday we had a Zoom call with a man named Ger Brick who taught us about internet security. He taught us about how easy it could be to track someone down online and the effects that cyberbullying has on people. He showed us an example of Google tracking his location on Christmas eve 2019, it knew he went to Italy, it knew that he stayed on the second floor of a house and it knew where he went to get coffee. It made me think of how easy it is for someone to track you just by using a phone and carrying it around. We also watched a video of people cyberbullying a boy named Joe. There was a scene on the bus where everyone was laughing at Joe except for a boy named Robert. Though Robert never stood up for Joe because he was probably too scared. At the end Joe’s mom comes into the school with the video that Joe made about the bullying and she brings it to the principal. It turns out that Joe wasn’t the only one being bullied his teacher had been too. The Gardaí also came to the school to talk to a girl named Kim who was the person putting up posts about Joe and texting him mean comments anonymously. Ger also had a few phrases that he made us say like “don’t be a bystander be an upstander” and “what you do now in years to come can come right back at you and bite you in the bum.” He also had a challenge for us to do where we had to find the similarities between a passcode and a toothbrush the answers were, “you shouldn’t share your toothbrush or your passcode” and “you should change both your passcode and toothbrush every once and a while.” He told us how careful we have to be on social media platforms and online games and not to upload anything onto the internet that’s embarrassing or that we wouldn’t say to someone if they were standing in front of us.

From now on I’ll probably be much more careful when I go online on my devices.

By Emma Louise

What I learned about cyberbullying :-
What happened??

There was a boy who his friends turned on him, they betrayed him and bullied him at school and online. He didn’t feel safe in his own home.

Cyberbullying is not funny. It can really hurt it can happen at anytime of the day. The bully or bully’s can reach you on any device once things have been said or sent to the person receiving it.

What I learned about apps and the dangers around them 

Well some apps ask for your location. Then at any time they can track you and know where you are so don’t give it to them.

What I learned about giving my picture, my location, my name and age 

If you give any of those to someone they could Google you and find out personal information and maybe even stalk you. Thats unlikely but possible.

What I learned about passwords 

Passwords are like toothbrushes, you have to change them every now and then. Toothbrushes get worn out or too old and if you don’t change your password its more likely you will get hacked.

What I learned in the seminar 

Well I really enjoyed it because Mr O’Sullivan and Ger Brick communicated to us easily and I have changed all my passwords and checked my Toothbrush!!!!

By Summer

Internet Safety Day – What I Learned

What Happened:

He spoke about internet safety and how it is so easy to track people and find out their passwords.

What I learned about cyber bulling:

You shouldn’t do it and that bulling in a choice and a decision and it can really hurt someone’s feelings and even if you are the bully you still might get hurt back.

What I learned about apps and the dangers around them:

If you download an app and it asks you for your location and you accidentally tap yes you can’t go back and change it and it can track you everywhere you go and where you live. If you want to go back and press no you would have to delete the app and download it again.

What I Learned about giving my information (my name, picture, location and posts

That if you put up your name and location people can type your name into google and track where you are and where you live and where you went in the past. If you put a picture up on the Internet they could also track you. If you post something it can be copied in 60 seconds.

What I Learned about passwords:

Password and toothbrushes have two things in common they both have to be changed every couple of months and you don’t share them with anyone. You have to change your password every couple of months because if you don’t change your password it gets easier and easier to get hacked.

What I That about the seminar overall:

I kind of enjoyed it because he told us how easy it is to track someone it they have there location on and that if you post something that it can be copied in 60 seconds.

By Aideen




























































































Happy St. Valentines day from Clondulane N.S!

Happy St. Valentines day

Happy St. Valentines day

5th and 6th class pupils recently received the certificate of participation award for our commitment in the One Million Steps Fermoy Schools Challenge.

 The One Million Steps

The One Million Steps



Cinderella & Rockerfella

On Thursday 20th December 2018 the 5th and 6th classes performed a play called Cinderella & Rockerfella.

We opened the show with a few jokes by Darragh and Conor and followed with a group musical performance. Cinderella and Buttons (played by Amy and Aidan) were joined on stage by the Ugly Sisters (played by Blaithín and Lucy). At this stage of the story you’re pretty familiar with the original tale, but later on you realise that Prince Charming is no longer a prince and has chosen to become a rock star! (Rockerfella played by Katie).

The next scene shows Rockerfella meeting the press with his manager, and shows that he is tired of his new lifestyle. The ugly sisters had three tickets for the ball but did not give the last one to Cinderella.

Cinderella was feeling down with the amount of work she had, but when her fairy godmother and the fairy brigade arrived for her makeover, she was overjoyed. We went straight into the ball scene which started with a song and then a waltz. As the crowd dispersed Cinderella made her appearance and met Rockerfella. Being true to the story Cinderella leaves the ball before midnight leaving her glass slipper behind.

The search for the foot that would fit in the shoe was acted through another song and received great applause and laughter from the audience. Rockerfella is feeling sad about not finding Cinderella when Buttons announces there is one more foot left (which was Cinderella’s.)  It ended with another song about happy ever afters and everyone got the chance to take a bow during the last song.

By Ethan

The Halloween Party

Our school had a Halloween Party on Thursday the 25th of October.

All the children arrived with amazing costumes on, we played all around the yard before school!  Of course we had to go back in though when the bell rang. Even though we had to do work in the morning we were all excited because we knew we were going to have a party.

At 12 O’ clock we were so excited because all classes went into the hall to have a parade (where everyone) went around showing off their costumes, each class one by one. After that we played musical statues with songs like: The “Ghostbusters” song, “Thriller”, “Monster Mash” etc. It was so much fun with the teachers going around trying to make us laugh.

In 5th and 6th, we went into the hall and started playing musical chairs, after that, we played a game with toy guns and cups. We set up the cups in a little pyramid and tried to shoot the cups down. When we were finished, we went back into the classroom and we got a load of sweets and watched the very first Ghostbusters!

We finally went back home all full of sweets.  We had such a nice time!

By Amy


The Doolan String Quartet

On Friday 12th of October, the Doolan String Quartet visited our school to perform live for us. The musical workshop is part Tuning Up – a music-in-schools programme designed to foster music appreciation and to enhance our understanding and response to listening to classical music. The group told us they had only been together for a year. They were also touring around different schools across Ireland.

The whole school – from junior infants to 6th class – assembled to take part. The musicians Mark and Rachel playing the violin, Martha on the viola, and Grace – who is from Fermoy, playing the cello, took us on a musical adventure discovering the difference between rhythm and melody, harmony and pitch.

We had fun discussing methods of composition, string playing techniques and recognising musical ideas and guessing which animal were being depicted by certain parts of music

By Christopher & Ethan

DSCI3064 DSCI3066 DSCI3068 DSCI3070


Congratulations to Fermoy GAA team

Good luck Fermoy!

Good luck Fermoy!



 The St. Colman’s Blitz

On Wednesday the 26th of September, 14 of the 5th and 6th class pupils left to go to the St. Colman’s blitz. We left on the bus at 9:40am and arrived at 9:50am.

When we first arrived we went to our pitch. Our pitch number was number 2. This was where we played all our matches. The girls went to a different pitch where they played their matches. The girls played football and the boys played hurling.

First we did a few warm ups by taking a few side lines and penalties. Our first match was Conna vs Clondulane. Conna won by 5 goals and 7 points. We were quite disappointed losing our first match. While we were waiting we went down to the girls’ pitch and we watched them play. The girls of Clondulane (in football) lost against St. Josephs. After that we ate some lunch and did a few warmups. Later on, once our pitch was ready we took our positions again on the pitch. We played and lost against Bishop Murphy’s but we were very close. The final score was 3 goals and 6 points to 3 goals and 5 points. Next, we went down to the girls’ pitch again and watched them play Kilmagner.

Then we went back and we did another few warm ups. We did passing, picked up the ball, took penalties, frees and side lines. We picked up our hurley’s and we took our positions. We all played well but we lost against Ballygown. We were quite disappointed in losing all our matches so far. We went back and took our lunch and we did more practice. despite the practice, we still lost our last match.

We all were very disappointed. But then a man came over and announced that we were in the shield semi-final! We were all surprised and we thought it was a joke. But then we ended up on the pitch. Our goal keeper, Oisín made an excellent save and we were all proud of him. During the last few minutes of the game the girls came over and were cheering us on. They were very supportive. We played hard but lost in the end by two points.

We were very disappointed but we all had a good day playing hurling. The girls however, came back winning their final! We were all happy and we had an excellent day.

By Liam & Ethan

Loreto Blitz - September 2018

Orienteering and map reading with Sean Cotter

On the 11th of September 2018, Sean Cotter came to our school to teach 4th, 5th and 6th classes about map reading, navigation skills and orienteering.


Firstly, we had to get a dictionary and a big book and keep each book on one corner of the table. Then Sean came around and put two other objects such as a small plate of metal, a coin or a small container on the table.  After that he handed each of us a piece of paper. Then he told us to take a look at the table from a bird’s eye view then we drew what we saw.

Sean said that this would be our “map”. The map would probably look like one big rectangle in one corner, a circle in the other, a medium sized square in another and a small circle in the last. Next he taught us about setting the map. To set the map was to study the table carefully then align the map with what you saw. The next thing we did was to walk around the table and keep the map set at the same time. Then we went outside.

Firstly, (after we went outside) we were each paired up with another person. We got control cards and a different map. Then he set nine cones in a specific order and he put one cone in the basketball hoop to mark the north. This was to help us to keep our map set.He then gave our groups letters from A to D. These were the names of the different courses we had to take. If we got course A once we finished it, we would take course C and if we got course B once we finished that we did course D. On our maps there was a specific route we had to follow. When we reached each cone we had to flip it over take a look inside and inside there was three letters. We wrote the three letters on to our control cards. The letter combination on the cones may be GUL or HEQ and others.

DSCI2574 DSCI2576

Once we finished this we sat down and Sean taught us about handling a big map. He showed us a map where every five centimetres would be fifty thousand kilometres. He said to fold the map into sections to help you to then avoid handling a huge big map. Then he gave us a map of the school grounds and a control cards. Then he named the colours on the map. All our maps had different numbers on them.


First we set our map and then we were off. On the markers there were punchers with different patterns on them.

DSCI2580 DSCI2584

Once we finished our map we traded our current map for a new one. Sean also said that the last person back would be the winner. He meant that we should take our time and not to rush it. Once we completed all our maps we waited by the wall. Then after everyone was back Sean told us about how to fold maps that get damaged when you fold them. He said to take a photocopy in colour no bigger the A4 size and fold it into sections.

We all had a great time with Sean and we are looking forward to go Orienteering at Corrin Hill.

By Ethan

May 2018


Sciath na Scól Indoor Hurling Blitz 2018

20180313_131747 from Ann Marie 2 (2)

The pupils from 5th and 6th Class played Ballygown N.S., Ballygiblin N.S. and Buttevant N.S. on 14th March in Mallow GAA Sports Complex. Well done on a great performance!



April 2018

The Parents’ Association have elected a new Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.  They are: Kim Wheeler-Neligan   –   Chairperson Seán Madden              –   Treasurer Aidan Sheridan           –   Secretary for contact details Click on the Parents Info tab at the top of the page and in the drop down menu Click on Parents’ Association

March 2018

Please see Child Safeguarding Statement on Parents Info page.  Click on Parents Info tab at the top of this page and in the drop-down menu Click on Policies.