Gallery 2017/2018

Have a look at the Winners of our Anti-Bullying Competition. There were so many wonderful entries. Also each class performed a role play of a bullying scenario and what lessons can be learnt from each situation.


DSCI2853 DSCI2854 DSCI2855 DSCI2856 DSCI2857 DSCI2858 DSCI2859 DSCI2860 DSCI2862 DSCI2863 DSCI2864 DSCI2865 DSCI2866 DSCI2867 DSCI2868 DSCI2869 DSCI2870 DSCI2871 DSCI2872 DSCI2873

This week in Clondulane National School, we had our Anti-Bullying Poster Competition. Have a look at our fantastic entries;


DSCI2874 DSCI2875 DSCI2876 DSCI2877 DSCI2878 DSCI2879 DSCI2880























DSCI2811DSCI2815DSCI2816DSCI2817DSCI2818DSCI2819DSCI2803 DSCI2804 DSCI2805 DSCI2806 DSCI2807 DSCI2808 DSCI2809 DSCI2810DSCI2820 DSCI2821 DSCI2822 DSCI2823 DSCI2824 DSCI2825 DSCI2826 DSCI2827 DSCI2828DSCI2829 DSCI2830 DSCI2831 DSCI2832 DSCI2833 DSCI2834 DSCI2835 DSCI2836 DSCI2837 DSCI2838 DSCI2839 DSCI2840 DSCI2841 DSCI2842 DSCI2843 DSCI2844 DSCI2845 DSCI2846 DSCI2847 DSCI2848 DSCI2849 DSCI2850 DSCI2851













































DSCI2794 DSCI2795 DSCI2796 DSCI2797 DSCI2798 DSCI2799 DSCI2800 DSCI2801





























DSCI2785 DSCI2786  DSCI2788 DSCI2789 DSCI2790    DSCI2792