Field Trips

Our Local History Walk


DSCI1814 (1024x768)On the 29th of September 2017, Pascal and Miss Daly brought fifth and sixth classes around the Clondulane locality, to find out more about the history of Clondulane village.

First, we walked to the school hallway to look at some photographs of local historical buildings. We were wearing high visibility jackets. Shortly after that, we walked up the road to the community hall, which used to be the Catholic school in the village. The teachers used to live in the attic of the school until a house was built nearby for the teachers to live in.

DSCI1823 (2) (1024x768)Next, we strolled to the row of terraced houses named Fitzgerald Place. Michael Fitzgerald used to work in the old mill. He was put into Cork Jail during the War of Independence, and went of hunger strike in jail. There are eight houses in Fitzgerald Place.

DSCI1816 (2) (1024x768)Next, we continued to stroll further down the road to the old train station and ticket office. It had a water tower where people stood to observe trains that were approaching, in order to open the wooden gates in time for the train to pass through. It was sold and is now private property.

DSCI1824 2 (1024x768)Then we walked to the Church of Ireland School. It is newer then the Community Hall but is derelict.



DSCI1827 (768x1024)Next, we walked to the church. Its doorway has a gothic style arch. Ivy is growing all over the walls. The church had three floors. Owls were nesting in the church a few years ago.


Next, we walked to the graveyard. We saw the Baylor family grave. Many gravestones have fallen over. Finally, we walked back to school. We had great fun, and we learned a lot about locality.

By Amy and Scott








 Orienteering at Corrin Hill

On Thursday 20th of October we went on a school trip to Corrin Hill to take part in an orienteering activity. When we got there we met Séan Cotter and he gave us a map, a clue card and a control card. Then we got into our partners and lined up. I was with Ciara. There were three schools at Corrin Hill including us. Each pair set of one minute apart.
Ciara and I set of at 10:40am and came back at 11:05am. We found the first marker difficult to locate, but after a while we got used to finding them, and found the activity a bit easier. It was a fun day out for us and we did our best. Most of the markers were on the track, but some were well hidden in the bushes and briars.
When we made it back, we had lunch and waited for our other mates to arrive after finding all the markers. It was a fun day for all of us and it was the first time Ciara and I had followed a map. We were proud that we did not get lost and we got came back to school alive! When we got back to school we had lunch. Our school came first and second in the 5th class competition overall, and in the 6th class competition we also came first! We were delighted with our efforts.
By Amy


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                               Our Football Blitz in Shanballymore

Last Thursday on the 11th of October we had a school blitz in Shanballymore. We left the school at quarter to eleven and arrived at around half past. When we arrived we got out of the cars, and went into the dressing rooms. We all got into our gear.

When we got onto the pitch, we warmed up a bit and did lots of stretches. We started our match at twelve o clock. First we had to play Araglin. I was playing midfield with Cory. We got off to a very good start. Peter was playing in goals. Scott and Liam were playing in the backline, Cory and I were playing midfield and Jack and Katie were forwards. We all played very well and won the game.

After our first match we had a ten minute break. The match was finished at twelve. Then we were to play Sanballymore in the semi final. We all kept the same positions, because we all played well in the last game. We did not get the best of starts, but we kept on fighting at half time we were down a few points.

In the second half we got a few points back. At the end we lost by a few points. After the game we shook hands, then we went into the dressing rooms and got dressed. We were very disappointed. Coming home Scott, Cory, Jack and I were in my mom’s car. On the way home we had Rolos. When we got back to school, we had lunch, then it was home time. It was a very fun day.

By Philip


Shanballymore Football Blitz

On Tuesday 11th of October our fifth and sixth class football team went to Shanballymore. In our first match we played Araglen. We lead from the start to the final whistle. In the end we won roughly by about four or five goals. Araglen lost both matches, so they went home.

We took a break after our first match, then we had to play Shanballymore . We knew it would be a tough match, so we went out to try our best. For the whole first half all we defended fiercely, apart from a couple of breaks which we managed to work some scores from. 

At half time we were wrecked, and we knew that Shanballymore were ahead. We knew that they would come out in the second half blazing. For all of the second half we continued battling. With five minutes to go, we were a few goals down, but we continued to do our best.

Overall it was a great day out, and we had a blast! On the way home I travelled with Philip, Cory and Jack. It was a really fun day, and we hope to be back next year!

By Scott